Q1: What will trigger the TPMS Warning Light?

A1: a).When the Tire Pressure is +/- 25% of the recommended Tire Pressure from the manufacture. b).The sensor is no longer transmitting (Dead Battery).

Q2: How many type of relearns are there?

A2: There are 3 type of relearns. Station, OBD and Auto Relearns (please refer to our application guide for further information).

Q3: Can the Wurth Sensor AID tool relearn all the vehicles?

A3: Yes, the Wurth Sensor AID tool is able to perform all 3 types of relearns, no matter what type of sensor is equipped on the vehicle (OE, aftermarket or Uni-sensor)

Q4: Can the Wurth Sensor AID Read, Scan, Diagnose other brand sensors?

A4: Yes, the Wurth Sensor AID will Read, Scan, Diagnose any sensor brand that is available on the market.

Q5: Where is the antenna located on the Tool?

A5: The antenna is located where the signal indicator is printed on the tool.

Q6: There are 2 signal indicators printed on the tool; does that mean either side works?

A6: Yes you can use either side of the tool to Trigger/Scan the sensors.

Q7: Will the Wurth Sensor AID tool program any sensors?

A7: No… sensor AID will only program the Wurth Uni-sensor; it will not program other sensors (i.e. O.E. sensors)

Q8: How often does Wurth release updates for the Wurth Sensor AID?

A8: We release updates every quarter.

Q9: How much does Wurth charge for Tool updates?

A9: Wurth does NOT charge for updates. This is the value-added service we offer our valued customers.

Q10: How many sensors does the Wurth Uni-sensor have?

A10: Just 2 sensors, 315MHz and 433Mhz. Available in both a metal stem and now in rubber as well.

Q11: How many Vehicles does the Wurth Uni-sensor cover?

A11: We cover 95% of Vehicles by application (please see our application chart for details).

Q12: Does the Wurth Uni-sensor work with other sensor brands?

A12: Yes, the Wurth Uni-sensor is an OE replacement sensor and it will work with any brand sensors.

Q13: How many times can I program a Wurth Uni-sensor?

A13: You can program the Uni-sensor as much times as you like. This is a big advantage for any customer.

Q14: How long is the Battery life on Uni-sensor?

A14: Normally the battery is good for 5 to 7 years, however the battery may vary between protocols and weather conditions.

Q15: Does the Wurth Uni-sensor have European applications?

A15: Yes! The Wurth Uni-sensor has the most amount of coverage for European applications in the industry.